Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is an appropriate age for my daughter to have a party at The Little Ladies Club?
A: Any! We start with first birthdays and go all the way through 12. Each party is designed to be age appropriate.

 Q: What if I had to cancel my party at the last minute?
 A: Not a problem. We will gladly reschedule your party on another date without you losing your deposit. You may even reschedule your party to the following year if need be. We do not need a reason. However, it has happened due to sickness, extreme weather and even a really bad report card!

 Q: How can you accommodate so many children? Do you have enough staff?
 A: Yes. Our minimum 8 guest parties are staffed with 4 hostesses. Additional hostesses are added as your party gets larger. Again, many parties receive unexpected guests. Don’t worry, we always make certain that each child is attended to and that your party is completed on time.

Q: Do you allow outside food?

A: We do not allow outside food due to our exclusive agreement with our caterer.  However, you are welcome to order from our Adult Catering Menu.

 Q: Is there enough dress-up? Do you have enough of the same dresses in the same size for each girl?
 A: There is tons of dress-up. Although we have many of the same styles in different sizes, we cannot provide each girl at your party with the exact dress in their exact size. From experience, variety counts, since the girls tend to change their dress up costumes continuously throughout the party.

 Q: What do you provide for dress-up?
 A: Our collection of dress-up includes dressy, as well as costume clothing, pocketbooks, scarves and beaded necklaces. We do not provide hats or shoes, as we feel sharing these items is not sanitary.

 Q: Are the girls required to remove their costumes prior to their tea party?
 A: No. We encourage them to get all dolled-up and have fun with it!

 Q: Can we bring our own CDs and/or DVDs?
 A: We discourage this as we cannot be held responsible if they are damaged in any way. Rest assured we always have a large selection of the latest movies and music.

 Q: Can we take pictures and/or videos?
 A: Yes, please do! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any additional questions. Thank you.